Private Dog Training Classes In San Francisco Bay Area

Lafayette Private Training

Private In Person/Private Virtual Dog Training To Fit Your Needs

Dog Dynamics’ talented professional trainers offer private training specifically tailored to your dog’s temperament, and to your training goals. Our private sessions are successful because we do not believe one training solution fits all. We select the training procedures based on you, and your family. Whether you choose in person private sessions, or our popular virtual private session format, we can help you build the incredible bond that brings out the best in your dog.

Set Your Dog Up For Success

Puppy, Beginning Obedience, Intermediate Skills

Long term successful dog training is dependent upon preparing the home environment. Dog Dynamics helps you arrange your home to prevent your new puppy, or adopted dog, from learning bad habits. Already have a dog? Let's build a strong obedient foundation to help you achieve your goals: fun family dog, Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog, service dog, and more.

Sharpen Your Dog's Behaviour With Expert Training

Address your dog's individual needs

We teach you how to address unwanted behaviors and turn them into good behaviors. After all, dog's don't know what to do correctly unless we teach them.

Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors (pica, lick dermatitis, shadow chasing, etc.)
  • Prey drive
  • Dog to dog reactivity
  • Dog to human reactivity

Improve Obedience With Off Leash Dog Training

Your relationship with your dog is not about a leash

Coming when called, walking nicely without a leash, waiting at thresholds, emergency stops. These are all behaviors that are critical for the safety of our dogs, and should be learned to the point where a leash is not necessary. Off-leash training is in person only.

How To Register For Private Dog Training

Here's how to register your dog for their next private instruction training.

To get started, please email us at or call us at (925) 229-8200 and let us know you are interested in our private instruction service. We'll ask a few questions so we can determine the best training for your dog, then we will answer any questions you have around our availability and getting started.

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