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Our Group Dog Training Classes are taught in the San Francisco Bay Area - Briones, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, and Walnut Creek.

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Group Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training Head Start: Group Classes For Puppies 9 to 20 Weeks

Get a headstart on socialization and puppy manners by enrolling your pup in this fun and safe interactive class. Your puppy will roll and play with other puppies and interact with new people. We cover house breaking, manners, rudimentary obedience, leash training and coming when called. It is a class suitable for the entire family to attend, however all puppies must be accompanied by a handler who is 18 years or older. Puppy Trainees must be between the age of 9 – 20 weeks. Bring puppy’s proof of shots, a 6 foot leash and dog kibble the first day of class.

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Beginning Obedience: Group Training For Dogs 20 Weeks And Older

Basic Obedience is the foundation for all training goals. We teach you how to motivate your dog to want to learn the basics of heel, sit, and down. We teach how to shape the “leave it” and “come” commands, and the command “wait” to prevent your dog from bolting through doors. This is a critical step in developing a healthy bond, and puts your dog on the road to a more meaningful life. The first class of the session is mandatory, and for handlers only. It will be held online, live virtual format. The remaining classes are in person. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

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Intermediate Obedience: Pre-requisite, Beginning Obedience or Instructor Approval

This is the next step to improve on your beginning obedience skills. Intermediate obedience focuses on teaching your dog to stay with distractions, come when called in various situations, and to heel in a more formal fashion. We teach dogs how to relax when you are out of sight, and to be calm as they execute their obedience. The intermediate class is excellent preparation for taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen Class. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

Briones Board and Train Hike Training Reliable Off Leash Training

Off-Leash Preparation: Pre-requisite, Basic Obedience or Instructor approval

If your goal is to have off-leash control of your dog on hikes and around the home, this is the class for you. Dogs begin their training on 6 foot leashes and advance to performing skills of coming when called, heel, leave it, and emergency drop on a 20 foot long leash. Successful completion of Beginning Obedience is required. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

Orinda Beginning Obedience Group Dog Training

Canine Good Citizen Program: Pre-requisite Basic Obedience or Instructor’s approval

The American Kennel Club developed a test designed to encourage owners to train their dogs to be socially comfortable and well mannered. During this 6 week program your dog will practice how to meet and accept petting and grooming by a stranger, how to walk nicely by other dogs and distractions, to be confident when met by new sounds and sights, demonstrate basic sit, down and come, and how to remain calm when separated from you. On the sixth class the dogs will be tested. Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records for the instructor to keep. Minimum age limit for handler is 16. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Briones Board and Train Learning to Guard

Group Training Classes for Reactive Dogs: Human to Dog Communication 101

Don’t let another walk with your dog feel like a disaster because of lunging and barking behaviors. Don’t seclude your dog in the backyard because his behavior in public is unmanageable. Come and learn what makes your dog react and the steps you can take to redirect that energy into more positive social behavior. The first day of class is mandatory, and held online in a virtual format. The remaining classes are in person. Please call instructor if your dog is overly reactive toward you or your family members. Please bring a copy of your dog's vaccination records for the instructor to keep. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

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Collar Clinics: Pre-Requisite Beginning Obedience or Instructor’s approval

During the past year has your dog dug holes in your yard, escaped and ignored your command to come, barely missed being hit by a car, ripped up the landscaping, chased numerous squirrels and neighborhood cats, raided the garbage can, munched on cow manure, chewed up your new boots and knocked over your Auntie Mae? Oops! Learn how to safely and fairly use an electronic collar to teach your dog to: reliably come when called, walk nicely on a loose leash when distracted, and leave the garbage and critters alone. Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records for the instructor to keep. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

Scent Detection training lafayette briones orinda

Scent Training Group Classes: The Nose Knows

Dogs have the ability to detect a scent one hundred thousand to a million times greater than a human. This fun class taps into your dog’s powerful olfactory senses and drive to hunt. It builds confidence and exercises your dog mentally and physically. And, it’s all done in a positive way! Appropriate for any dog with a nose, but it is helpful if your dog is comfortable handling confinement in either a crate or a safe spot. Food or toy motivation and basic obedience skills are helpful. Minimum age limit for handler is 18.

Sue Marlais Fun Agility

Dog Agility Training Group Classes

Have fun with your dog and learn basic agility moves and obstacles. We will start with the basics and add a new obstacle each week, by the end of the 6 weeks dogs will be running an agility course with jumps, tunnel, chute, hoops, tire and weave poles. Minimum age of handler is 18 years old. Dogs from 16 weeks and older are welcome and should already have an understanding of basic obedience with a good wait command.

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Special Events

Dog Dynamics offers Rattlesnake Avoidance Training, Guest Trainers, Seminars, Hike Days, Picnics and more throughout the year. Send us your email address if you would like to be on the list and we will be sure to keep you updated.

We Also Provide Private Instruction!

There is nothing like individual attention and Dog Dynamics, Inc. offers in home training for you and your dog Monday through Thursday.