Private & Group Dog Training

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Group Classes

Dog Dynamics offers a wide variety of dog training classes hosted both virtually and in person. Check out our long list of group training courses perfect for any skill level, from puppies who are just getting started, to advanced training techniques.

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Private Instruction

There is nothing like individual attention and Dog Dynamics, Inc offers private training specifically tailored to your needs. We can help with puppy and shelter dog assessment, and how to set up your new pup or adopted dog for success. We can help with behavioral challenges that may not be addressed in group situations such as: fearful and obsessive compulsive behaviors, excessive prey drive, dog to dog, and dog to human reactive behaviors…you name it, we’ve probably dealt with it.

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Board & Train

Many dog owners want to train their dogs, but find it difficult to fit training into their weekly schedule. Board and train is a great way to jump start your training, finish off your obedience goals, or maintain what you have already achieved while you are away. Your success is important to us and each week of board and train includes a private session so that you understand how to follow through with what your dog has learned. Email us for more information.

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