Jessica Guice: Associate Trainer

A woman sitting on a balcony with her well-trained dog in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jessica Guice

Associate Trainer

Meet Jess, a Florida native hailing from the beautiful city of Bradenton. Jess graduated from Florida State University with a B.S in Retail Merchandising and Product Development, with minors in Psychology and Business Management.  These have proven to be an excellent foundation for her endeavors.

With over 15 years of experience in client facing positions, Jess has interacted with the general public in many different capacities. Most recently, she was an integral part of the retail operations team for a local Bay Area apparel company. She served as the operations communicator for ~ 50 stores.

Jess recently took an exciting leap out of the corporate world and onto a path of passion, pursuing her love and interest in dogs.  Jess’ first step has been to diversify her canine interactions by offering weekly dog walks and dog/house sitting services.

Jess is interested in the intersection of human emotion and canine connection. Her goal is to bridge the gap in companionship, especially for communities where the importance of this connection has been overlooked and under established. She is passionate about exploring ways to create stronger connections with our fur friends through a deeper understanding of the canine’s brain and behavior.

When Jess isn't spending time with other people's dogs, you can find her hiking around the Bay with her beautiful brindle pit, Raisin, and her husband, Nate. Jess is a lover of music, yoga, exploring National Parks, discovering delicious food joints, visiting museums, and playing card games.

TLDR; Jess is a driven and passionate individual who has made a career out of interacting with people and building strong relationships. She is a compassionate animal lover and will go the extra mile for you and your dog!