Isabel Zabronsky: Associate Trainer

A girl posing with her dog in a garden undergoing puppy training.

Isabel Zabronsky

Associate Trainer

Isabel’s interest in animals began at a young age. In 2016, she convinced her parents to add a dog to the family. This dog was a two-year old rescue beagle named Snoopy. While Snoopy was advertised as a friendly, well behaved pet, it soon became clear that in reality he struggled with many behavior issues including dog reactivity. Seeking professional help, the Zabronskys turned to Dog Dynamics. This is when Isabel’s passion for dog training truly began. Isabel was blown away by the positive changes she saw in Snoopy’s behavior after only a few short months of training. As Snoopy became a more trustworthy and stable dog, Isabel came to a realization: training allowed Snoopy to safely enjoy more freedoms and therefore improved his quality of life. This inspired her to learn as much about dog training and behavior as she could.

In 2018, she began working as a kennel assistant for Dog Dynamics. Being able to help other dog owners improve their dog’s quality of life through training was even more rewarding than Isabel could have imagined. Even six years later, Isabel and Snoopy enjoy training together and work on scent detection, advanced obedience and AKC trick dog titles.

Isabel and Golden Board and Train