Emily Goodman: Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

Dog Dynamics Dog Trainer Behavior Consultant Puppy Ambassador

Emily Goodman

Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

Emily’s passion for dogs started at a very early age, as she spent her childhood hanging out with the neighborhood dogs. Once she had the chance to get a dog of her own, she brought Buster home. His complicated behavior issues introduced Emily to the world of dog training, and she was hooked ever since. Emily’s experience with dogs is diverse, and includes veterinary school technology, competing in multiple dog sports with her Belgian Tervuren, Willow, and working in a shelter where she was the behavior and training manager. Dog Dynamics is honored to have her as a member. Her private and group instruction, and board and train program, is in high demand. She is a gifted communicator, for dogs and their people, and never views two dogs the same. She thinks outside of the box and develops training based on the dog in front of her. This gives Emily a unique perspective for training puppies during their formative months, and for adolescent and adult dogs with complex behavior issues. In her spare time, she trains IGP and French Ring Sport, because she is crazy about dogs.