Avery Luttropp: Associate Trainer

A woman is posing with a black labrador retriever, showcasing her expertise in dog training.

Avery Luttropp

Associate Trainer

Since childhood, Avery has displayed an innate curiosity for all animals. Whether it be horses, dogs, or insects, she immersed herself in learning everything possible about behavior and how it influenced responses. As she grew older her undeniable passion for dogs emerged and inspired her to seek out every opportunity available to fulfill her goal of becoming a dog trainer. Through online courses, seminars, and hands-on mentorships she has gained valuable knowledge in many areas of dog training. She works with dogs big and small, young and old, with a variety of behavioral issues. While Avery enjoys working with all dogs, she has a special place in her heart for training service dogs. She loves seeing someone’s life change for the better and believes that service dogs can give people freedoms not otherwise possible. In her free time, Avery competes in Rally Obedience and Dock Diving with her Labrador Retriever, Jasper.