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Moraga Dog Dynamics Seminar

Dog Dynamics, Inc. is committed to enhancing the human to dog relationship by helping owners understand dog behavior from puppy through senior age. We take the dog point of view and find out what makes your dog tick. Through this understanding we can then choose the training methods that are appropriate based on the dog’s behavior, temperament and your training goals.

Dog Dynamic’s listens to the needs of our clients and are sensitive to the body language of the dog on the other end of the leash. Our goal is to have you build a bond with your dog based on trust, motivation and mutual respect. Join us and see how our unique training will bring out the best in your dog.

Hike Spike Telluride CO

CEO, Founder, Behavior Counselor

Bonnie has professionally trained dogs since 1989 and is the owner of Dog Dynamics Inc. Bonnie was a co-owner and master trainer of AppleGate School for Dogs Inc. and American Detector Dogs. For 10 years she was the West Coast field representative for Paws With a Cause, an organization that trains service dogs for the disabled. She worked as a canine field handler on the impact of human encroachment on wildlife for the University of Reno, the Desert Research Institute, and for Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation. She volunteered for 7 years as a trainer and member of the search and rescue teams for Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department, California Rescue Dogs Association, and the California Office of Emergency Services. She has been an AKC evaluator for over 15 years. She has conducted national and international workshops on training and deploying service dogs, dog behavior and obedience, reliable retrieving training, and the ethical use of training equipment. She has helped countless individuals with challenging dogs, and has published manuals and papers on puppy head start programs, beginning through advanced obedience, help for reactive dogs, training dogs for human remains detection, and how to develop and maintain an athletic dog. To continue her education she attends annual conferences, behavioral workshops and training seminars in the United States and abroad. Bonnie trains her Malinois and Beauceron to compete in French Ring sport, a discipline that weaves together obedience, agility and protection. She and her family share their home in the East Bay Hills of Northern California with their pack of dogs, dog training cats, and flock of chickens.

A dog trainer posing with two dogs in a blue tunnel, showcasing puppy training and dog training.

Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

When Sue Marlais isn’t working her day job as the deputy Chief Information Officer for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she is a trainer for Dog Dynamics, Inc. Sue’s heart is committed to rescue dogs and to people in need, and her credentials speak for themselves. She works closely with the East County Animal Shelter in training volunteers to help rescued dogs be more adoptable, and she opens up her home to foster puppies in need. She has two rescued Chihuahuas, that were “foster failures” Jack and Bella, that are now trained for agility. The rascally pair are also therapy dogs through Tri-Valley Humane Canine Comfort and they regularly visit senior living facilities bringing joy with a happy tail. Sue’s little Bella also visits Hospice organizations where Bella brings comfort to last stage patients.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, a woman is posing with her dog in the grass while engaging in puppy training.

Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

Kristin Castro has a Master’s degree in counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2006 and has always enjoyed casually training dogs. Her serious interest in dog training sparked in early 2013 when she acquired highly driven and reactive Ash- her Australian Cattle Dog. Committed to helping Ash become the best dog he could be and improving their dog/handler relationship, Kristin turned to Dog Dynamics for help. Using her education in behavioral conditioning and learning paired with the expertise of Dog Dynamics she has been successful at meeting her own goals. She is now passionate about using her veterinary experience, education, and knowledge to help other owners and dogs reach their goals as a team. For Kristin, it is incredibly rewarding to help people and their dogs overcome personal limitations, build bonds based on trust, and live happier lives together. She has a heightened interest in helping dogs with reactivity, anxiety, impulse control, and high drive, and also enjoys basic obedience for all ages. In her free time, Kristin enjoys taking Ash hiking around their home in Moraga and participating in herding training.

Dog Dynamics Dog Trainer Behavior Consultant Puppy Ambassador

Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

Emily’s passion for dogs started at a very early age, and she spent her childhood hanging out with the neighborhood dogs. Once she had the chance to get a dog of her own, she brought Buster home. His complicated behavior issues introduced Emily to the world of dog training, and she was hooked ever since. Emily’s experience with dogs is diverse, and includes going to school for veterinary technology, competing in multiple dog sports with her Belgian Tervuren, Willow, and working in a shelter where she was the behavior and training manager. This background gives Emily a unique perspective on working through everything from basic obedience to behavior issues.

Ken Carpenter Callifornia Dog Trainer at Dog Dynamics

Principal Trainer, Behavior Counselor

Ken Carpenter's introduction to dog training occurred in 2000 when he adopted a 1-year old 80lb German Shepherd name Cruz. From the onset it was clear that Cruz needed not only basic obedience, structure and boundaries, but also behavior modification. Cruz was leash reactive toward some people and dogs, and an escape artist extraordinaire! Ken enlisted the help of trainer Bonnie Brown Cali, and together they helped Cruz become a fantastic companion. This was Ken’s first introduction to dog training, and he was hooked. The skills he learned with Cruz helped him train his next puppy named Roxi, a dynamite Belgian Malinois. Roxi's intuition and desire to learn lit the fire in Ken to become a professional dog trainer. Ken had a one-year intensive internship with a San Francisco dog training company. He also attended Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa where he received a sound foundation in training theory and methods. He enjoys staying informed in the dog training world and attends yearly seminars and workshops, most notably with Julien Ryckenbusch an IGP trainer from France. Ken comes from a diverse work background. Originally a professional cyclist representing the US in two Olympics, and later an Institutional Banker at a boutique firm in San Francisco. This diversity and dedication helped him gain unique instinctual, observational and analytical skills which he puts to good use training dogs and their owners. In his free time Ken practices his other passion, Jiu Jitsu, and finds that it compliments dog training immensely. Keeping calm, thinking through problems and puzzles are necessary in both martial arts and dog training. In addition, he trains French Ring sport, currently with his rescue German Shepherd Malinois cross, Ryker

A woman is posing with a black labrador retriever, showcasing her expertise in dog training.

Associate Trainer

Since childhood, Avery has displayed an innate curiosity for all animals. Whether it be horses, dogs, or insects, she immersed herself in learning everything possible about behavior and how it influenced responses. As she grew older her undeniable passion for dogs emerged and inspired her to seek out every opportunity available to fulfill her goal of becoming a dog trainer. Through online courses, seminars, and hands-on mentorships she has gained valuable knowledge in many areas of dog training. She works with dogs big and small, young and old, with a variety of behavioral issues. While Avery enjoys working with all dogs, she has a special place in her heart for training service dogs. She loves seeing someone’s life change for the better and believes that service dogs can give people freedoms not otherwise possible. In her free time, Avery competes in Rally Obedience and Dock Diving with her Labrador Retriever, Jasper.

Diana Santoyo Apprentie Trainer and Public Relations for Dog Dynamics

Associate Trainer

Diana’s love for dogs started when she was very young. If there was a dog around, people knew where to find her. She says dogs have always given her a sense of companionship, the feeling of a long-time best friend. In 2020 she brought home her first dog Sky, a spunky rescue Dachshund mix. It was not long before Diana knew she needed a professional trainer to help Sky overcome her reactivity toward people and other dogs. Diana immersed herself in learning about dog obedience, behavior modification, and the importance of quality canine nutrition. She realized her desire to advocate for dogs, and to be a part of the solution for those left behind. In 2022 she made the decision to follow her passion and is now an Associate Trainer with Dog Dynamics. Diana’s innate sense of how to communicate with dogs and people make her a good fit for the Dog Dynamics team. She is the point of contact for phone communication and social media, and assists in group and private training sessions. Diana loves working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. She says this is necessary in order to understand dogs as a species. Diana has her B.S. in Food and Nutrition from Sacramento State University. She is also an avid learner and strives to further her education and certifications in dog training and canine nutrition. In her spare time, Diana coaches Olympic lifting at a local gym in the Concord area and is an avid photographer. You may also spot her with Sky hiking the hills around the Bay Area.

A woman sitting on a balcony with her well-trained dog in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Associate Trainer

Meet Jess, a Florida native hailing from the beautiful city of Bradenton. Jess graduated from Florida State University with a B.S in Retail Merchandising and Product Development, with minors in Psychology and Business Management.  These have proven to be an excellent foundation for her endeavors. Jess is interested in the intersection of human emotion and canine connection. Her goal is to bridge the gap in companionship, especially for communities where the importance of this connection has been overlooked and under established. She is passionate about exploring ways to create stronger connections with our fur friends through a deeper understanding of the canine’s brain and behavior. When Jess isn’t spending time with other people’s dogs, you can find her hiking around the Bay with her beautiful brindle pit, Raisin, and her husband, Nate. Jess is a lover of music, yoga, exploring National Parks, discovering delicious food joints, visiting museums, and playing card games.

A girl posing with her dog in a garden undergoing puppy training.

Associate Trainer

Isabel’s interest in animals began at a young age. In 2016, she convinced her parents to add a dog to the family. This dog was a two-year old rescue beagle named Snoopy. While Snoopy was advertised as a friendly, well behaved pet, it soon became clear that in reality he struggled with many behavior issues including dog reactivity. Seeking professional help, the Zabronskys turned to Dog Dynamics. This is when Isabel’s passion for dog training truly began. Isabel was blown away by the positive changes she saw in Snoopy’s behavior after only a few short months of training. As Snoopy became a more trustworthy and stable dog, Isabel came to a realization: training allowed Snoopy to safely enjoy more freedoms and therefore improved his quality of life. This inspired her to learn as much about dog training and behavior as she could. In 2018, she began working as a kennel assistant for Dog Dynamics. Being able to help other dog owners improve their dog’s quality of life through training was even more rewarding than Isabel could have imagined. Even six years later, Isabel and Snoopy enjoy training together and work on scent detection, advanced obedience and AKC trick dog titles.

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