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Providing Dog Training to California Residents for Over 30 years.

Since 1989, Dog Dynamics Inc. has been committed to building a strong relationship between people and their dogs.  Our success is driven by understanding each dog, and by employing our award winning behavior modification training techniques. Dog Dynamics offers a wide and diverse range of training options customized to the client, and to the individual dog’s temperament and behavior. Our dedicated trainers, with their experience of training thousands of dogs, is what makes Dog Dynamics the right choice for you and your dog. 

Dive inside our website and discover the various training options and resources we offer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Group Obedience Training

Ready to get started? View Dog Dynamics’ selection of group training options and class schedules to bring out the best in your dog. Oh…did someone say “Agility?”

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Virtual Instruction

We offer a variety of successful virtual training solutions, in both group and private formats, to help you teach your dog, without leaving your home.

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Private Instruction

Dog Dynamics offers private in person training, and online virtual training, tailored to your goals and your dog’s temperament. Because, sometimes one size does not fit all.

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Board & Train

Our professional trainers will jump start your puppy’s training, build a solid obedience foundation, help with behavioral challenges, or maintain your dog’s progress while you are away.

COVID-19 Updates: How We Are Staying Safe

Dog Dynamics constantly updates the services we provide based on the safety protocols of the cities, counties and states where we train.  We are dedicated to providing a variety of safe training options to suit the individual needs of all who are passionate about dogs.  After all, our love of dogs is what brings us together, and we can only be together if we stay healthy.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Meet Our Team

Dog Dynamic’s clients are successful because we listen and then work toward individual goals. We will teach you how to gain your dog’s attention and build a bond through trust and mutual respect. Join us and see how our unique training will bring out the best in your dog.

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Bonnie Brown Cali

Owner, Trainer & Behavioral Consultant

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Sue Marlais

Trainer and Behavioral Consultant

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Kristin Castro

Trainer and Behavioral Consultant

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Emily Goodman

Trainer and Behavioral Consultant

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Ken Carpenter

Trainer and Behavioral Consultant


Below is what some of our satisfied clients had to say about Dog Dynamics.