Kristin Castro

Dog Training Team Member


Kristin Castro has a Master’s degree in counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2006 and has always enjoyed casually training dogs. Her serious interest in dog training sparked in early 2013 when she acquired highly driven and reactive Ash- her Australian Cattle Dog. Committed to helping Ash become the best dog he could be and improving their dog/handler relationship, Kristin turned to Dog Dynamics for help. Using her education in behavioral conditioning and learning paired with the expertise of Dog Dynamics she has been successful at meeting her own goals. She is now passionate about using her veterinary experience, education, and knowledge to help other owners and dogs reach their goals as a team. For Kristin, it is incredibly rewarding to help people and their dogs overcome personal limitations, build bonds based on trust, and live happier lives together. She has a heightened interest in helping dogs with reactivity, anxiety, impulse control, and high drive, and also enjoys basic obedience for all ages. In her free time, Kristin enjoys taking Ash hiking around their home in Moraga and participating in herding training.