Heather Petrocco

Dog Training Team Member


Heather Petrocco has trained dogs since 2003, but her early life experiences shaped her extraordinary ability to teach both dogs and people.  She has a degree in psychology, and a background in wilderness therapy and life skills training for troubled teens.  She loves the behavioral modification aspect of training.  It’s all about reward and consequence as a form of communication with your dog, just like it is with teenagers.  Her philosophy is to step back, try to see things from the dog’s perspective to make sure the messages she is sending is the one being received. Heather works as an IT Operations Analyst when she’s not trying to keep up with her husband, two active girls and her gentle giant Oogie.  Heather’s lifestyle makes it essential that her dog understands and complies with safety commands.  Extended down stays and getting that very important “wait” at the door from her dog comes in handy while raising her two young girls.   Her expertise and dedication to the dog/owner team is a great addition to Dog Dynamics.