Dog Training

Aug 2016
Exercises for You and Your Dog

Work and family schedules, exercise goals, dog-training classes—it is challenging to fit in time for yourself, your family and your dog. But you can integrate four paws and two feet into a fun exercise program—Dog Dynamics’ 6 Paws Fitness—that includes obedience training, stretching, cardio, balance-building, and strength training for both human and dog. It’s fun, and nurtures the human-to-dog bond. First, it is important to make sure your dog is physically ready. If your dog is overweight, recovering from an injury or illness, or is elderly, consult with your veterinarian before proceeding. Once cleared, get with the program by gathering a few simple items, such as a yoga mat, a leash and a collar, training treats, and music. Start......

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Jun 2016
Every Dog Brings a Gift

I am fifty years old. Thirty-four of those years have been spent in the company of man’s best friend, and do you know what? I have never met the same dog twice. Never. I have traveled around the globe and studied dogs in small villages, rural farm lands, and urban centers. I have operated a board-and-train facility and taught private and group instruction. I have trained dogs to search for missing people, evidence, endangered species, and animal scat. I have trained dogs to assist people with disabilities and to become therapy dogs. I have taught dogs everything from field retrieving to developing a rhythm between dog and human as they move through a Rally course. And, in turn, every......

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